ADHD is a common childhood condition affecting a wide range of families in and near the Harahan area. The condition can affect children as young as five years of age. Most kids impacted by ADHD share a few common symptoms, although they can greatly vary. It is imperative that a healthcare professional diagnose your child with ADHD or other medical conditions, however, if any of the five signs below are present, it is time to take action and make that doctor appointment at once.

1.    Inattention: The most common symptom associated with ADHD is inattentiveness. A child with ADHD may be unable to sit down for long periods of time, have trouble focusing on the task at hand, and display other behaviors indicative of inattentive behavior.

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2.    Hyperactivity: Hyperactivity is another sign that may indicate your child needs behavioral therapists harahan and ADHD treatment. Hyperactive children will squirm in their seats, need to touch their hands or fidget with objects and are usually out of place in habits.

3.    Impulsiveness: Impulsiveness comes out in a child with ADHD in many forms. Many kids with impulsiveness blurt out answers to questions or fail to raise their hands and wait to be called on.

4.    Discipline: Children with ADHD seem to disobey more often than children without this condition, which can be a struggle for parents, especially when other kids are in the home.

5.    Forgetfulness: When a child has ADHD, forgetfulness is a big problem. They may forget their chores or common, simple tasks that parents ask of them. Again, a frustrating symptom for both the child and the parent and adults in his/her life.

Does your child exhibit the signs of ADHD on the list above? Schedule that appointment and get your child the help and treatment they need to thrive in life even when ADHD is around.