4 Reasons to Use Dental Implants

If you are ready to take back your life after tooth loss, dental implants make it possible. Preferred over dentures by many people, dental implants offer many benefits that help patients smile beautifully. The four benefits below are among them.

1- Look More Like Real Teeth

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Missing a tooth or teeth can be embarrassing for the patient. Replacing the missing tooth or teeth with dentures is an option, but for many, dentures do not look or feel like the real teeth. Some people report that wearing dentures is uncomfortable as well. Those concerns are gone with implant dentistry fort collins as your restoration option.

2- Lasts longer

Dentures tend to wear out over time no matter how good you care for them. That isn’t the case with dental implants that can offer a lifetime of great smiles with proper care. Most patients find that implants are successful and enjoy their smiles.

3- More Freedom

When you use dental implants, a titanium screw is implanted into the jaw that meshes with the gums and other teeth. They are not removable so there is no concern of them falling out of your mouth. You’ll notice improved speech and freedom to enjoy life a little more with the help of dental implants.

4- Improved Confidence

There’s just something about dental implants that give the wearer more confidence than ever before. It is not easy being without one or more teeth but thanks to implants, it is a lot less stressful than before.  With the help of dental implants, living life to the fullest is easy!

The many benefits of dental implants are nice for patients that want to enjoy life with confidence, freedom and without the burdens that missing teeth cause. Talk to your dentist to learn more about dental implants and to learn if they’re the best tooth restoration option for your needs.